MCEF administers NCCER Assessment testing statewide.  Assessments are used to:

Evaluate Knowledge & Skills • Provide Training Prescription • Upgrade Training

The National Craft Assessment and Certification process (NCACP) was developed for the construction and maintenance industries. All assessments are based upon NCCER’s curricula and have been developed in conjunction with Prov™, NCCER’s test development partner.


Assessment Benefits

  • Evaluate journey-level knowledge & skills of experienced craft technicians & workforce productivity
  • Achieve higher quality construction with increased cost-effectiveness
  • Provide a training prescription to guide future professional development & maximize training dollars


REMEMBER:  NCCER credentials are permanent, stackable (can add to them), portable, and recognized by the construction and maintenance industries worldwide.


Consider Using Assessment in These Ways


Use as assessment to measure knowledge of incoming workers and build training programs to fill skill gaps.  (Assessments cannot be used as sole hiring requirement).  This can be done for individuals or for departments or functional areas.  MCEF conducts assessments for industry and works with department heads and supervisors to develop training programs to fill training gaps.



Earn credentials for experience in the construction and maintenance workplace.  For most of the assessments, workers who make the cut score receive NCCER ID card and permanent transcript.



Use as pre- and post-test to indicate growth in student knowledge or as post-test at end of semester or year to indicate student knowledge gained and instructor effectiveness.  Results can be used for program improvement.