NCCER Credentials

In an effort to provide students and craft professionals with industry-recognized credentials and assure national portability of skills, NCCER maintains a credentialing and certification system through its National Registry. This online database tracks both training and assessments for its participants.

For training, the NCCER Automated National Registry provides transcripts, certificates and wallet cards to students who successfully complete the NCCER curriculum through an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor. A transcript, certificate and an initial wallet card are granted when a trainee completes the core curriculum or any other full level of a craft. These industry credentials allow participants to provide easy verification of training for current or potential employers.

To learn more about NCCER credentials, go to and click on “Training and Certifications” and then “Credentials.”

To check NCCER credentials, go to and click on “Online Verification-ANR” at the top of the homepage.