Adult Craft Professional Training

Apprenticeship Program

What is Apprenticeship? MCEF is a non-union apprenticeship training sponsor with the U. S. Department of Labor (USDOL) that combines paid, on-the-job training with related instruction in the following construction trades:

    • Masonry-Bricklayer
    • Carpentry
    • Cabinet Maker
    • Interior Finish
    • Construction
    • Electrician-Commercial
    • Electrician-Residential
    • HVAC – Installer-Technician
    • Heavy Equipment Operator
    • Painter and Plasterer
    • Plumber
    • Sheet Metal Worker
    • Welding
    • Industrial Maintenance
    • Pipefitting


What are the Benefit? For students/trainees: MCEF offers participants the opportunity to build a career, not a job. The program is a four-year commitment to work in the industry and attend classes. Apprentices registered in the program attend classes one night a week at a community college and work full-time with wages and benefits with a contractor or other employer – and work under the direction of a journey-level worker or supervisor. All courses utilize the NCCER Curriculum and completers receive credentials at the end of each level. Click here to learn how apprenticeship is the other four-year degree without college loans.

For Employers: Apprenticeship enables employers to develop and apply industry standards that can increase productivity and improve the quality of their workforce. Apprenticeship is a perfect way to integrate new employees into the workforce and to ensure a steady flow of qualified skilled journey workers. There are four major responsibilities of the apprentice employer:

    • Provide job training under the supervision of skilled workers.
    • Pay the apprentice wages according to the applicable regulations.
    • Ensure that the apprentice successfully completes the related instruction that is required as part of being a registered apprentice.
    • Provide a safe and healthy work environment.


Who is Eligible to Become an Apprentice? Any existing employee or new hire is eligible to become an apprentice as long as they are 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or GED.

To download an application for apprenticeship, click here.


MCEF Adult Craft Training

MCEF offers regular NCCER classes statewide in construction and industrial maintenance. Click here to download an MCEF Class Enrollment form with costs and classes.

Most courses are offered in four levels with NCCER credentials earned after each module and level. All completers of NCCER training receive NCCER credentials that include an ID card, certificate, and permanent transcript.