MCEF Job Bank Connects Job Seekers and Employers

New service boosts construction careers while promoting job opportunities

PEARL ― If you are an aspiring apprentice with a marketable trade or a construction manager in search of new talent, the Mississippi Construction Education Foundation’s new online job bank is the perfect resource.

 With the introduction of its Career Opportunity & Industry Network, MCEF is placing qualified individuals in front of potential employers while allowing employers a platform to showcase their open positions to a panel of highly qualified, well-trained applicants.

“Since our inception, MCEF has worked to create greater efficiency in the labor market,” said Mike Barkett, MCEF president. “Through COIN, we’re able to do just that, with the added bonus of streamlining the connection between job seekers and employers that is helping address Mississippi’s need for more than 80,000 craft professionals by 2019.”

COIN is a secure job bank available through the MCEF website to MCEF program graduates and to industry partners/employers. The network provides MCEF program graduates from the secondary or post-secondary level a platform to post their resumes for potential jobs and allows employers to post job openings for review by these qualified, trained workers.

To join COIN, participants must create an account via the password-protected system located at that requires basic information, such as name, experience, job title, region, position/rank, salary range, and job description.

While the service is free, all applicants and their information are reviewed prior to posting. Once approved, participants may search and apply for job openings, post resumes, and get a feel for available jobs and the pay.

“The future is bright for the construction industry in Mississippi and for craft professionals seeking employment here,” Barkett said. “Many students and advisors are still unaware of opportunities available in career and technical education. We’re working to turn that perception around.”

For more information about COIN visit or contact Mike Barkett, MCEF President, at 601-605-2989.

 MCEF is a non-profit educational foundation that provides NCCER craft training and credentialing in more than 100 career and technical programs across the state. The foundation’s mission is to train individuals for the construction and manufacturing industries in Mississippi.

MCEF also offers workforce training and credentialing in construction, industrial maintenance and manufacturing trades. Learn more about MCEF at

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